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The Pros And Disadvantages Of Using Wix To Create E-commerce Websites

Wix is one of the fastest growing web builders today. According to a recent report, the platform stated that it has more than 109 million register users. And 45,000 new users join the platform each day. Of all the users on Wix, 2.5 million pay for the monthly services. This substantiates the fact that it’s a popular web builder out there. That said; let’s look at the upsides and downsides to Wix as a web builder:

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Advantages of Wix as an e-commerce solutions provider

a) It has a huge library of awesome templates to enhance the look of your e-commerce websites

If you’re looking for a web builder that offers a huge array of professionally-designed templates that align with the modern trends, you can’t go wrong with Wix. It has more than 500 templates that are better-looking than those available on other website builders. For those who don’t have creative abilities, Wix is the surefire choice to get started. Also, the demo templates are displayed with dummy texts that allow you to see how your e-commerce website will look for real.

b) The e-commerce solutions provider has impeccable support systems

The reason why many would-be e-commerce website owners flock to Wix is that they have streamlined their support systems. It allows you to embed the help/support button everywhere on your e-commerce platform. It also has helpful phone support (6 am to 5 pm) to address your problems quickly. And the fact that every element in the platform has its support button means you’ll save a lot of time finding answers to your problems.

c) The e-commerce solutions provider comes with the drag and drop feature

When it comes to the use of cutting-edge technology, Wix leads the pack. They are always hard at work to introduce advanced, code-free and easy-to-use features on their platform. The innovative drag and drop feature is one of the biggest selling points of Wix. With this feature, you only need to drag and drop elements to create a beautiful website in minutes.

Disadvantages of Wix as an e-commerce solutions provider

While Wix has a huge library of scintillating templates to leverage, it’s pretty difficult to change the template once you implement it. You can change the template, but you will have to recreate your web pages. In other words, you’ll have to copy and paste your content into the new template. This can take up a big chunk of your time.

a) Ads will be visible when you create e-commerce platforms with the free options

Choosing the free Wix option means your e-commerce websites will display ads on the top and bottom of your content. While almost all the free web builder options have a form of advertisement credit, those available of Wix free are prominent. They can be annoying for the customer. The only way to get rid of the ads is to upgrade to the paid plan. However, if you’re okay with the ads, the free option is cool.

b) This e-commerce solutions provider is not adapted to manage complex operations

Wix is adapted to small-scale e-commerce websites. It doesn’t have the advanced tools to manage large scale e-commerce functions. However, when compared to the standard e-commerce builders, it’s the best, by far. The biggest drawback to Wix is the inability to send notifications to clients once they’ve paid for their items, including configuration of taxes and shipping charges. This means that you’ll have to do them manually. These are labor-intensive tasks that can consume a big chunk of your time, which is why they need to be automated.


However, while Wix still lags behind regarding capacity, the developers on the platform are hard at work every day to introduce new updated designs and advanced features to increase its capability and make e-commerce website building a lot easier.
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